Camera Packages
A Camera: Arri Alexa Amira
B Camera: Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k

Lens Packages
Leica: 24mm f2.8, 35mm f2.8, 50mm F1.4, 60mm macro F2.8, 90m F2.8, 135 F2.8
Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm PL mount zoom lens
Nikon: 70-200mm F2.8, 105mm Micro F2.8, 2x Doubler

Camera Support
RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus
Tilta Wireless Follow Focus
Arri Follow Focus 1
Teradek Bolt Wireless Video System
Arri Matte Box 1 (with assortment of filters)
Tilta Clip On Matte Box
Zacuto and Shape Handheld Rigs
Sachtler Tripods  Video 18 w/standards, babies and high hat
(10) Gold Mount Bricks w/various chargers

17″ Flanders Scientific DM170 LCD
SmallHD 503 Ultrabright
5.6″ TV Logic

Lighting and Electric
LED: (1) Litepanel Gemini 2×1 w/chimera, (2) Litemat 4 S2s, (2) 2′ RGB Quasar, (1) Aputure 300II (1) Aputure LS 300II
TUNGSTEN: (3) Triolets, (2) 150 Dedos, (1) Arri 650s,

(1) 4×4 Scrim Jim Floppy
(2) ultra/black 4×4 floppy
(1) magic cloth floppy
(1) 6×6” Scrim Jim w/honeycrate
(x) assortment of 6×6 rags
(1) 8×8 Scrim Jim
(x) assortment of 8×8 rags
(2) Road Rags
(1) 5ft Octaplus Chimera w/2ft Extension and eggcrate
(1) 3ft Octaplus Chimera w/eggcrate
(1) Medium Pancake Chimera
(1) Small Pancakge Chimera
(1) Dana Dolly Kit
(5) C-Stands
(1) Baby C-Stand
(4) Lightweight Stand
(2) Cardellinis
(1) Maffer
(1) Scissor Clip
(1) 1k Stud
(1) Baby to Junior Adaptor
(x) Assortment of color correction and diffusion rolls
(5) Sandbag
(2) 6’ Speed Rail